We are 4 weeks away from our final weigh-in! Can you believe it? For those of you who started this challenge with the best of intentions, but felt like you’ve lost steam, I want to encourage you to try to give a big push in the next 4 weeks! 4 weeks is plenty of time to log miles, lose inches, and feel healthy!

In the spirit of getting people back on track, today we are announcing another bonus challenge, but this one is going to be challenging…and a little more complicated!

Participants will be awarded 1 extra point for every mile they walk between July 11th and July 25th! Miles must be logged on a fit bit, treadmill counter, or other milage-counting app. We will verify these miles via pictures! So grab those screenshots, snap those odometers, and upload that fitbit!

Again, if you feel like you’ve fallen behind, this is YOUR CHANCE to pull ahead! Think about it: 5 miles a-day, 5 days a-week? That’s 50 points! Let’s do this, Team Reborn!!!!