Reborn "Walk It Off" FAQ's!


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It’s here! The Reborn “Walk It Off” Challenge has begun today with our first weight-in!

We have gotten a lot of great questions since we announced this challenge, so before I collect an official list of people interested, here are a few last-minute details that might hook a few RBC people who are still on the fence about joining in!

Q: What if I can’t walk? What if I hate walking? Do I have to walk? Walking is boring…

A: No, you don’t have to walk. While this is called the “Walk It Off” challenge, you can do whatever you want. Maybe you’re really into yoga but got out of the swing of things. Maybe you like running! Swimming? All of it works! The point is to stick to being active for 12 weeks in a row. You can do it!

Q: Are you only calculating weight, or are you calculating BMI?

A: While we are using the term “weight loss” please note that we will be calculating BMI. This means if you are looking to bulk up you are still eligible  to win the 100 points in the end :)

Q: How exactly are the points being counted?

A: Each week, every participant has the opportunity to submit a photo that represents their “walk it off” journey. As long as the pictures are appropriate, any single photo will count. Maybe you are going to buy new shoes to get in shape! Maybe you are busting out your dirty weights from the garage…anything goes as long as it makes sense within the challenge. Every photo will count as 10 points. If you submit each week, you’ll collect 120 points.

 At the final weigh-in, we will also reward the person with the most dramatic weight/BMI change will get 100 points. This amount should be enough to send an active participant way ahead…but if you haven’t been sending in pictures it might not be!

Q: Will there be bonus challenges?

A: Yep! Bonus challenges will come in different forms! Meet-ups, photo challenges, and more!

Q: Where are these pictures going?

A: Every Friday the photos will be uploaded to the RBCEE site! That way we can all see what everyone is sending in!

Q: Where do I send these pictures?

A: We will provide an email address for all submissions! Deadline for every week will be Friday at noon!

Email Caitlin at with any other questions!