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Walk It Off: Weeks 9 & 10!

Hello Team!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week! We only have two weeks left in our challenge, and I wanted to update everyone on who our top Walk-It-Off competitors are!

Karina Rangel 77 Points!

Melissa Ruble 90 points!!

Vanessa Ware 115 Points!!! Vanessa took advantage of earning extra points by earning a point a mile for the last two weeks! She walked 25 miles!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!


We are 4 weeks away from our final weigh-in! Can you believe it? For those of you who started this challenge with the best of intentions, but felt like you’ve lost steam, I want to encourage you to try to give a big push in the next 4 weeks! 4 weeks is plenty of time to log miles, lose inches, and feel healthy!

In the spirit of getting people back on track, today we are announcing another bonus challenge, but this one is going to be challenging…and a little more complicated!

Participants will be awarded 1 extra point for every mile they walk between July 11th and July 25th! Miles must be logged on a fit bit, treadmill counter, or other milage-counting app. We will verify these miles via pictures! So grab those screenshots, snap those odometers, and upload that fitbit!

Again, if you feel like you’ve fallen behind, this is YOUR CHANCE to pull ahead! Think about it: 5 miles a-day, 5 days a-week? That’s 50 points! Let’s do this, Team Reborn!!!!

Walk It Off: Week 7!

Hello Everyone!

Sticking to your health goals over a holiday weekend is TOUGH! Considering that being the case, let’s give an extra shout-out to our participants who managed to keep up the good work in the midst of hamburgers, hotdogs, and soda! Way to go Team!

July Reborn Reporter!

Walk It Off: Week 6!?!?!

Wow! Somehow we have made it all the way to week six in our Walk It Off Challenge! So exciting. We have a handful of very active core- contributors and it’s been amazing to see their progress! Since the scores are getting so close it looks like we are going to have to get more creative with these challenges!

Hmm… 😉

Half-way through the competition, here (drumroll) is our top 3:

Vanessa W. 60 Points 

Janelle F. 65 Points

Melissa R. 70 Points

Walk It Off: Week 5!

Hey Team Reborn!

The Walk It Off Challenge is still going strong! Big thanks to everyone who is still “in it to win it!” You are all doing an amazing job! If you are following our schedule, you halved waked an amazing 99 miles!

You can STILL earn points with our buddy challenge (see last week’s post) and there is still time to catch up of you haven’t gotten into the challenge! If you are feeling behind, take a look at this article that talks about the AMAZING benefits that only 30 minutes of walking can do for your body!

Walk It Off: Week 4!



Hello There, Team Reborn!

We are wrapping up week four, and honestly I am not sure how that is possible. We are 1/3rd away through our challenge!

Here are Reborn’s top 3 competitors!

Cristina Asarpota 30 Points

Janelle Figueroa 35 Points 

Karina Rangel 45 Points

So exciting! I have had a few really great conversations about how people are progressing in this initiative, and it’s brought so much joy to my heart!

I get the pleasure of interacting with a lot of you personally. Whether it’s through ReviewBuzz, events, or even in sales meetings, I am blessed to be able to hop in my car at the end of the day and spend my commute home thinking about all the great conversations I have every day.

THIS leads me to our next Walk It Off bonus challenge…and this one isn’t going to be JUST a photo challenge!

I’m calling this the “Reborn Buddy Challenge!” In addition to your regular submissions, and for TEN extra points, I am asking everyone in this challenge to find a Reborn Buddy and do something healthy together! Workout, play a game of basketball, or simply take your lunch break to go on a walk together! Have fun with it, and be sure to snap a picture! That’s your proof!!! :)

To be clear, your Reborn Buddy doesn’t have to “officially” be part of our Walk It Off Challenge, but they DO have to be a Reborn Employee! And since this is a more involved challenge, all Walk It Off participants have until June 27th to submit your bonus-buddy-challenge “proof.”

Keep walkin’ it off, Team Reborn!



Walk it Off: Week 3!

I am so sorry that this post is late! It’s been a crazy week! Can you believe that we are 3 weeks in already? NUTS!

It’s really exciting to see all the submissions coming in! Next week I’ll be sharing everyone’s standings AND another bonus challenge!



Walk It Off: Week 2

Hey there, Team Reborn!

We had another great round of pictures come in! It’s really exciting to see people sticking to this idea–and SUPER fun to see some new faces in the Walk It Off inbox!

Sticking to something is really hard to do, especially when it requires you to move outside of your own comfort zone. Personally, I don’t enjoy working out…but I LOVE the way I feel after I get up and do it. Which leads me to our very first Walk It Off BONUS challenge!

In addition the regular weekly submission, participants can earn an EXTRA 5 points for sending in a picture of something that symbolizes, “What inspires you to walk off your habits.” Your kids? An old dress you want to fit into at the end of this? Maybe you are working up to a bigger challenge, like a marathon! There isn’t a “wrong” way to interpret this challenge, but please be sure to explain why the image you are sending in is significant to you. We are gonna share!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Caitlin Lemaire (let me know if you have any questions!)