Walk It Off: Week 2


Hey there, Team Reborn!

We had another great round of pictures come in! It’s really exciting to see people sticking to this idea–and SUPER fun to see some new faces in the Walk It Off inbox!

Sticking to something is really hard to do, especially when it requires you to move outside of your own comfort zone. Personally, I don’t enjoy working out…but I LOVE the way I feel after I get up and do it. Which leads me to our very first Walk It Off BONUS challenge!

In addition the regular weekly submission, participants can earn an EXTRA 5 points for sending in a picture of something that symbolizes, “What inspires you to walk off your habits.” Your kids? An old dress you want to fit into at the end of this? Maybe you are working up to a bigger challenge, like a marathon! There isn’t a “wrong” way to interpret this challenge, but please be sure to explain why the image you are sending in is significant to you. We are gonna share!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Caitlin Lemaire (let me know if you have any questions!)



452 thoughts on “Walk It Off: Week 2”

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